News - XII international photo festival «View 2024»

XII international photo festival «View 2024»

Works will be accepted until April 3



Narva House of Children's Creativity (Narva Hobby School) invites creative young people to take part in the XII international photo festival «View  2024». Our festival has become a good tradition, where young photographers freely share their impressions of the world around us. The art of photography plays a significant role in their reflections, evaluation and analysis of life. Photography helps to take a closer look at the movement going on around us, to be more attentive to our loved ones and more observant of the changes in the nature around us.

Amateur photographers from 13 to 26 years old are invited to participate.


The festival will be held on April 19-20, 2024 at Narva Hobby School and includes two programs: 

1. the creative part, which includes master classes of professional photographers, excursion to the territory of the Alexander's Cathedral, 
2. the competition part, which includes the work of the jury, awarding of the winners and analysis of the works of the festival participants.

Link: «View  2024»